Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Future Million Dollar Inventions and Ideas

Want to invent that million dollar invention or idea and be set for life? It’s not terribly likely that you can do such a thing, but it’s not out of the question either.

History is full of individuals who achieved great wealth with a new invention or a new idea. Ray Crock who franchised Mc Donald’s, Steve Jobs and Apple computer, Bill Gates and his operating system, snugglies, spanks, and someone is even making a fortune because he came up with the idea of slip on cardboard coffee cup holders so you don’t burn your fingers while holding that paper cup latte.

Here are the areas where I think the small individual inventor or innovator has the best chance of coming up with that revolutionary device or idea that will make him or her independently wealthy.

Harvesting Machines for Fruits and Vegetables

Very few fruits and vegetables are harvested by machine. There are tomato harvesters and potato harvesters but not much else for fruits and vegetables. If someone can com up with a harvester for apples or oranges or similar fruit the will make a huge killing. It will truly be a million dollar invention.

Other crops that are exclusively hand harvested are asparagus, all kinds of citrus, squash, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and man others. I’ve almost got an asparagus harvester working, you can see my latest version at my asparagus harvester website.

Energy Production

Obviously energy is always going to be needed and with oil eventually running out there are many new competing technologies for generating electricity. Opportunities abound with areas such as wind power, ocean wave power, solar cells, biofuels, and more. Figure out a way to generate electricity that costs less than generating electricity with oil or gas and you have a winner.

A Better Razor

Just image how much money you can make selling razors. Nearly every man and woman in the US and many other parts of the world shaves. How about a new kind of razor that you could use to get a comfortable and close shave with just plain water? Even better would be a razor like the above that needs a new blade every week. You could have millions and millions of customers purchasing replacement blades weekly or monthly.

The Internet

First there was America Online, soon there was ebay, craigs list, facebook, twitter, and god knows how many other social networking and other online methods of making money. All of the previous mentioned items started out as an idea. You can have ideas too. Come up with a great online game that everyone wants to play. My wife is currently addicted to a farming game on facebook I think. Find some new way of helping the masses communicate with each other is another idea, and one will probably emerge this year in my opinion. Flex your creativity and come up with the next big thing on the internet.

Geriatric Products

Anything that helps older people get along as they grow old should be big. Soon the baby boomers will all be old, so find a way to make life easier for them. This could involve the internet and some sort of social media thing too. Interesting areas for new devices include things that make bathing easier, taking medications and keeping track of medications, exercise equipment, sleeping aids, and all sorts of other convenience items.

Cooking and Food Preparation

Everybody eats and they eat every day. Come up with some food preparation or cooking device that makes preparing or cooking food easier and then sell it on those infomercials. There is a lot of money in it, just come up with something simple and clever that makes a kitchen chore easier or quicker.

Water and Energy Conservation

As previously mentioned, energy is big. Find a good inexpensive method of saving energy. Saving water is just as important and will only get more important. Find a new way to desalinate water, or purify water, or a way to save large amounts of water.

These are just a few suggestions, there are countless others awaiting your discovery. Go forth and Invent and Innovate! Be the next one to come up with that million dollar invention or idea!