Wednesday, December 2, 2009

First Invention Blog - Testing the Waters

Ok all you wantabe inventors, I'm starting this blog to help you out. I have been inventing my whole life, beginning in the early 70s. I have over a dozen patents and I just filed for another patents a few days ago.

In this blog I plan to discuss all kinds of things relating to inventions. I'll relate things I've learned over the years, and new insights when I get them. Many of my patents are related to water heaters and hot water circulating systems with some other gadgets and gizmos thrown in.

Online marketing is another subject I will be delving into. I've done pretty well with SEO for some of my web sites, and we are selling one of my inventons online successfully.

One of my inventions is being made in China, and that will also provide fertile ground for blog posts. Lot's of nifty headache stories... LOL

I'll begin all of this with my next blog. For the time being I need to go finish setting up all the details for this new blog. Ugh!